Yashesh’s story: How I lost 44 kilos and got control of my diabetes

Yashesh is a friend who lives in Mumbai, India, with his lovely wife, Cherry. An insulin-dependent diabetic for years, he has now accomplished what we all have within us to achieve, but for one reason or another, we so often fail to see it through. His story is truly inspirational due to his unyielding determination […]

How to create an interior zone of ‘extreme calm’

There’s probably no one perfect calming space to suit everyone. However, certain colours, textures, materials, sounds, and use of space, can facilitate a state of tranquility, neutralising stress and anxiety. British architectural designer, John Pawson, known for his minimalist aesthetic, was one of eight architectural firms commissioned to design a holiday home in the UK as part of Living Architecture, a project that offers the […]

Shapes, sculpture and notes help people open up, empathise and make decisions

A box of twelve differently shaped objects called Tools for Therapy received a lot of attention in the press back in November, during Dutch Design Week. Nicolette Bodewess, a student in the Man and Wellbeing programme at Design Academy Eindhoven, created the set of ‘conversation pieces’ to encourage people to open up in therapy sessions. I like […]

Ministry of Tomorrow creates vegan luxury for the conscious consumer

I used to look at the prices of Stella McCartney’s shoes and bags and think, “Why do they still cost hundreds of pounds? They’re not even made of real leather.” I didn’t get it then, but I get it now. We need to stop placing value on the skins of animals. Luxury products are considered such, partially […]